Newport News police arrest men suspected in nearly a dozen burglaries

Thomas Brabham, James Singleton (Photos: Newport News police)

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Newport News police say a weekend traffic stop led to the arrest of two burglary suspects who could be responsible for nearly a dozen break-ins in the last month.

“Everything that had value was gone,” said burglary victim Beverly Lilly.

Lilly says she had just returned from Sunday morning mass. When she walked into her home on Cameron Drive, she knew something wasn’t right.

The suspects came in through the back door and went right to her bedroom.

“He was eventually able to get in by breaking into my husband’s shed and getting my husband’s tools,” Lilly said. “I went to where I kept my engagement ring and wedding band and I noticed that was gone.”

Police say there were at least nine other break-ins to nearby Newport News homes in the central part of the city.

“When someone comes into your home and violates you like that, it is an uneasy feeling,” Lilly said.

The case was cracked during a traffic stop. Police say they found Thomas Brabham and James Singleton in the car along with a duffel bag full of jewelry in the backseat.

Officers tell 10 On Your Side they recovered more than 500 items taken in the burglaries. Police also went to local pawn shops and learned the suspects had been there over the past couple weeks. Officers are now trying to match up jewelry with victims.

“I can’t wait to see if my wedding band and ring are there,” Lilly said.

Lilly will soon head down to police headquarters to see if her things are still there. In the meantime, the two suspects sit in jail facing more than 80 combined charges.

“Knowing that this person has been arrested, there is definitely more of piece of mind,” Lilly added.