Siri prank has iPhone users holding up emergency lines


(WFLA) — Police are warning iPhone users not to fall for a prank involving Apple’s Siri that could hold up emergency lines.

The prank, which has been spreading across social media, encourages iPhone users to yell “108” at Siri.

This is an emergency number in India and if Siri hears it, she will connect your phone to a 911 dispatch center.

If 911 operators are flooded with “108 prank” calls, real emergency lines could get backed up, making it more difficult for dispatchers to respond to real emergency situations.

Two deaths in Texas have been linked to similar pranks that overwhelmed the 911 system, leaving those with real emergencies on hold, according to the Dallas News.

The Marshall Wisconsin Police Department in Wisconsin sent a warning out on Facebook.

Other numbers to avoid: 112, 110, 999 and 000. Those numbers are used in other countries for emergencies.