Indiana father charged after cocaine found in son’s jeans at school

Jose Diaz Chayoga

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — An Anderson, Indiana man has been charged after his son was found to have cocaine at school.

Jose Diaz Chayoga, 49, faces felony charges of possession of cocaine and maintaining a common nuisance.

Diaz Chagoya’s son wore his father’s pants to school that had the cocaine in them.

According to court documents, that child’s classmate told the teacher that he had white powder in a bag.

“This is just a bad situation,” said Scott Jones, who lives next door to Diaz Chagoya.

“So his son had cocaine on him at school? Wow. That’s just shocking,” said Josh Frazier, who lives across the street.

Earlier this month warrants were issued for Jose Diaz Chagoya.

Police say his son showed up to Erskine Elementary school with two bags of cocaine.

According to court documents, he also told his teacher his father sells cocaine.

“I never spoke to him, but we seen him. A lot of traffic, but never really spoke to him,” said Frazier.

“It’s scary when you’ve got people like that,” said Jones.

Jones says raids are normal in the neighborhood.

“They’ve raided this house. The one behind it. And now him. I’ve been right in the middle of all this,” said Jones.

Diaz Chagoya lived in a first floor apartment of 2918 Pitt Street. While executing their search, police say they found digital scales, plastic bags with residue and plastic bag with cocaine in it.

“Parents shouldn’t be dealing drugs and raising kids and putting their children in that type of home environment,” said Major Joel Sandefur of the Anderson Police Department.

“We’re just shocked. I mean we saw all the cops come but we didn’t know what it was and wow,” said Frazier.

Diaz Chagoya hasn’t been arrested yet. But Anderson police said Tuesday they have a good idea of where he is.

The child hasn’t been charged.