New York hospital creates playlist of songs for CPR

Image Credit: NBC News

NEW YORK (NBC) — CPR trainers have long suggested doing chest compressions to the beat of “Stayin’ alive” by the Bee Gees.

It has the perfect the number of beats per minute to perform CPR.

But if the Bee Gees are not your thing, the New York-Presbyterian Hospital has compiled a list of alternatives on Spotify.

All of the songs, like “Stayin’ Alive,” are 100 beats per minute. And there’s something for everyone — including Lynryd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecelia” and even “Rock Your Body” by Justin Timberlake.

The American Heart Association says hands-only CPR saves lives when someone experiences cardiac arrest outside of a hospital.

See the hospital’s full playlist here.