Local politicians and groups rally in defense of Chesapeake Bay cleanup funding cut

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) – President Trump’s proposed budgets cuts could have affects here in Hampton Roads. One such impact is a funding cut for the Chesapeake Bay cleanup.

Local leaders and groups rallied together Saturday to speak out against the cut. They believe it will have a huge impact on the Peninsula’s environment and economy.

State Senator Monty Mason and Delegate Mike Mullin say they will make sure the opinions of their constituents are heard.

“That’s $73 million dollars that’s been used to protect the jobs, the tourism, and the health of our region and our area,” says Del. Mullin.

“Farmers cannot do it all themselves. So we can’t ask the entire health of the bay to be done on the backs of the agricultural community. That’s where federal, state, and public funding comes in,” says Sen. Mason.

Funding for bay cleanup programs comes from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The President’s proposed budget wants to decrease the department’s funding by 31 percent or $2.5 billion dollars.