Lawsuit: Men dumped 500 gallons of paint in Chesapeake

(Photos: City of Chesapeake)

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — The City of Chesapeake is seeking thousands of dollars in damages from men accused of dumping 500 gallons of paint into the ground last year.

The city filed a lawsuit in February against Haas, Inc. as well as Garrnett Hall, Darrell Lowe and TKBL, LLC.

The suit alleges that Hall and Lowe dumped 500 gallons of paint onto the ground so they could sell the empty cans for scrap metal.

Roger Haas, owner of Haas, Inc., leases the property where the paint was dumped and allegedly supplied the cans to Lowe.

Court documents say Haas routinely supplied Hall with scrap metal to sell.

After the incident happened, Chesapeake issued a violation to Haas for “the release of hazardous materials.”

Haas reportedly said he would remedy the situation to prevent the leaching of more paint by digging a trench and pulling back the top soil. Two days later, the lawsuit claims that all he had done was dig the trench.

The city repeatedly spoke to him about ways to prevent the leaching but he “refused” to do anything more to fix the situation, according to the lawsuit.

TKBL owns the property and court documents say they failed to inspect the condition of the property.

The city says the paint posed an “imminent and immediate threat to the property” and was leaching into the Elizabeth River wetlands.

The city hired HEPACO to clean up the paint, which costed over $34,000. The city is now suing Haas, Hall, Lowe and TKBL for that money.