Chesapeake mother finds crack cocaine in rental car

(Courtesy photo)

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — What would you do if you found a ball of crack cocaine under the seat of a car you rented?

“This could have ended everything for me.”

Those are the words from the woman who lived that scenario. Still frightened by what she found, she has asked 10 On Your Side not to reveal her identity.

It all started last Monday, when her car went into the shop. Her husband went to the Enterprise Rental Car on Military Highway to get a replacement.

(Courtesy photo)

“He picked it up after-hours and they said someone had just dropped it off,” she said.

For three days, she drove around and everything seemed normal.

“I’m also in the military, so I drove on and off base, not knowing,” she said.

While stopped in the Edinburgh Target’s parking lot, the woman’s son dropped a toy under the driver’s seat.

“So I come around the car, opened the door and reached under the seat,” she said. “Then I pull out this bag. It’s full of what looks like rocks.”

Not just any rocks, though — crack cocaine.

“It was fear. Straight fear.”

She called police.

“The officer came out pretty quickly and he immediately picked it up and said, ‘Oh yea. I don’t even need to test this. This is crack cocaine,’” she said.

The officer removed it and destroyed it. This mother said she won’t face charges. Still, she wonders what could have happened.

“If I would have gotten pulled over, that’s everyone’s famous last story: ‘It wasn’t mine!’” she said.

10 On Your Side went to the Enterprise store to find out what management will do. We were told to talk to the corporate office.

Back in her car, this shocked mother says they’ve offered vouchers for her troubles. But she isn’t sure that’s enough.

Enterprise sent 10 On Your Side this statement:

On return of each vehicle, our procedure is to clean everything including checking under seats, in the glove compartment, in the center console and in door compartments. The safety of our customers is our top priority. And we are investigating what went wrong in this case. We have a very formal training process and carefully instruct employees on the proper cleaning of a vehicle. We are very sorry this happened and are working to make sure it doesn’t happen again.“