Va. Beach: Cost of total stormwater projects would be around $451 million

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Fixing the flood problems in Virginia Beach has an expensive price tag: $451 million. The city plans to go forward with upgrades to its stormwater system next year.

Beach’s wish list of stormwater improvements tops $400 million

Tuesday, Public Works presented a list of stormwater projects to city officials which shows all the stormwater systems that need to be expanded or upgraded, like the drainage near Rob Bodony.

During Hurricane Matthew, Bodony watched the water rise in his Windsor Woods’ cul-de sac.

“Sort of like a tsunami coming this way,” Bodony said of the water.

When it ended, he didn’t even recognize his street. It looked like a creek. A few inches of water in his house ruined everything. He said he didn’t even see the worst of it on his block.

The disaster in Windsor Woods is just another highlight to the importance for the city to focus on fighting back against the flood.

“Let’s go, what are we waiting for?” Bodony says of the stormwater improvements.

City officials say it’s not that simple. To do all the projects on the list would cost the city $451 million. That’s why the council and city manager will sit down and prioritize which get done first.

It could be the more than $20 million needed for Sherwood Lakes or the more than $30 million needed for Rob Bodony’s neighborhood, Windsor Woods.