Video: Thief takes package off porch at Norfolk home

Image courtesy of a WAVY viewer

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — It apparently doesn’t have to be the holidays for the grinch to strike. Someone stole a big package from in front of a Norfolk home. But police have a head start in figuring out who he is because the porch pirate was clearly caught on camera.

Homeowner Lequita Ogbomoh said it happened Monday afternoon.  She heard the mailman ring her bell but she was busy so she waited. Five minutes later, the package was gone. Ogbomoh said the man in the video got away with shoes, clothes and Girl Scout cookies.

“I was waiting on those cookies, too! I’m ready for these cookies and I can’t even enjoy them.”

Frustrated and annoyed, Lequita and her husband called police. While they waited for officers outside, she told they spotted that porch pirate walking down the street.

“I confronted him. I said, ‘Bring me my package back right now, I’m not playing. Bring it to me.’ He was like, ‘Don’t have your package.’ I said, ‘Yes you do. We have you on film.’ And at that time, he turned around and took off running.”

Mr. Ogbomoh took off too, right to his computer where he posted the video to our WAVY TV 10 Facebook page. They’re sure someone who knows him will see it and they’re hoping that person will turn him in so they can take him to court.

“Oh, I’m going, I’m definitely going. I just want him to get punished because it’s not fair. Because no telling how many other people he’s done that to and they’re not saying, but it stops here today!” she said.

10 On Your Side checked with police and they have not seen an increase in thefts in the Barraud Park area, where the family lives, but as you’ve seen us report time and again, porch pirates can strike in any neighborhood at anytime. You may want to consider the same thing Ogbomoh is — requiring a signature for deliveries.