NASA spots wildfires across parts of US from space

(KRON/CNN) — Wildfires raging in Texas and in parts of the southeast can be seen in a satellite image from NASA.

Most of the fires seen are prescribed burns. That means they were set on purpose by authorities to clear brush so wildfires can’t spread too far.

But wildfires, which are started by human activity or lightning strikes, are burning more land.

The rash of wildfires that started Monday are burning large sections of land.

Five fire-related deaths have been reported in Texas, including three ranchers who died while trying to save their cattle.

100,000 acres have burned so far in Texas. Another 10,000 burned in Oklahoma.

And a wildfire in Kansas is prompting evacuations. One-thousand people fled their homes to avoid fires there.

Similar wildfires in Colorado burned 30,000 acres.

Weather forecasts in the area are expected to make fighting wildfires tough through the month.