FBI Director Comey asks the DOJ to reject Trump’s wiretap claims

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama pose with President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania at the White House in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC News) – FBI Director James Comey asked Justice Department officials to publicly reject President Donald Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower, the New York Times reported Sunday. A senior U.S. official confirmed the newspaper’s reporting to NBC News.

The Times reported that Comey requested that the Department of Justice publicly rebut the president’s allegations — which he posted on Twitter without evidence — because the claims are untrue and suggest the FBI broke the law. Comey’s appeal pits him against the president.

On Sunday, the day after Trump made the original unsubstantiated claims on Twitter, his White House called for Congress investigate. Press Secretary Sean Spicer offered no evidence to back up the allegations of wrongdoing.

“President Donald J. Trump is requesting that as part of their investigation into Russian activity, the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016,” Spicer said in a statement.