Man faces assault charges following fight with off-duty VB police officer

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – A man faces assault charges, and an off-duty police officer is being investigated for his actions. This after a scuffle inside a Chesapeake grocery store.

Part of it was captured on a cell phone by this man– Chris McVey. Police arrested him for disorderly conduct and assault on an officer.

McVey posted the video to Facebook. It shows him arguing with an off-duty Virginia Beach police officer. In the video, you can hear the officer asks McVey to back up, and when he refuses the officer tackles McVey to the ground.

Police have not said what prompted McVey to start recording.

McVey, who’s from Newport News, has been released from police custody. Meanwhile, Virginia Beach police say they have launched an internal investigation into how the officer reacted to the situation.