Two homes riddled by gunfire in Portsmouth

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Two Portsmouth homes, down the street from each other, were shot at Thursday night. The shootings took place just minutes apart and left the houses riddled with bullets.

“It’s a good neighborhood,” said resident Ashton Carey.

But Thursday evening, around 6 p.m. there was an unfamiliar sound on River Shore Road.

“I just heard gunshots,” Carey said.

He heard a lot of them.

“There’s one, two, three, four, five, six and seven,” Carey counted as he looked at his home.  They also hit his car; there are holes in the windshield and tires.

Carey was inside when someone drove down the street and opened fire.

“I just came outside and the neighbor next door said it was in my driveway,” Carey said.

Another home was hit just down the street, minutes after Carey’s.

“I don’t think it was personal, because they hit that house down the road,” he added.

Carey says he was home with four other family members.  He knows things could have been worse.

“They (the suspects) don’t have any regards on what could happen,” Carey said.  “Obviously they didn’t care there could have been a family inside there.”

Detectives are working to find out if the two shootings are connected.

“You’d expect that for other parts of Portsmouth, but not here,” Carey added.