Trump rally and protest held in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — On a blustery day at Mount Trashmore, they stood divided by barricades. One group, part of “March 4 Trump,” an event held in cities across the country Saturday, gathered in support of the President. Another group, holding an event named “Still We Rise,” carried signs in protest.

“We stand in solidarity with all minorities and we’re here to let them know that they do have an ally in the fight and if they do need protection or refuge, they can reach out to us,” said Japharii Jones with Black Lives Matter 757, who helped organize the protest.

The March 4 Trump website says a “seditious fringe” is set on sabotaging the President’s vision of “America first.”

Andrew Sabol likes what he’s seen from the White House so far.

“He’s just doing, you know, keeping all the promises, keeping us safe and that’s what we asked for in the campaign and he’s doing that for us, so I want to thank him if he hears this,” he said.

Elizabeth Gordon also helped organize the mostly silent counter event.

“He has done a lot of the things that he campaigned on, and that’s why we were fighting against his campaign the entire time and that’s why we all voted against him and that’s why we’re here today, is because that emboldening of bullying and hatred is coming to fruition, so we’re here to resist,” she said.

Aileen Acevedo, who came to support President Trump with her children, didn’t see it that way.

“I haven’t seen anything from him. I haven’t seen anything from supporters of Trump. I’m sure they’re out there. There’s always a bad group that can show up and cause trouble, but for the most part, I think everybody who’s a Trump supporter is inclusive and they just want what’s best for the country,” Acevedo said.

Virginia Beach Police stood nearby throughout the events, which both ended by approximately 3:00 p.m. Officers said they had no reports of any incidents.