Grafton freshman Andrew Stonier continues fighting

YORKTOWN, Va. (WAVY) — Being a freshman in high school can be tough, but for Grafton High School student Andrew Stonier, it’s been a fight for survival.

Stonier, 15, had a heart attack in November while at school. He’s been in hospitals for nearly three months. He was recently moved from University of Virginia’s hospital to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.

Circulation issues in Stonier’s right leg led to amputation beneath the knee, and on Christmas Day, he had to have a heart transplant because of his condition.

“Through it, there’s been lots of good and I know some would say how is that possible? But through it, we’ve had lots of good support a lot of people who have been there for us,” Andrew’s mother, Amanda Stonier, said.

Andrew’s classmates put together a commercial encouraging students to attend their Heart Week Zumba fundraiser, raising money for Stonier. Another fellow student created a GoFundMe for Andrew and his family.

Grafton High rallies for student recovering from heart attack, transplant

On Andrew’s wall at CHKD, classmates and hospital staff have signed a banner.

“To see the students have taken it on as their mission to help and support, it’s just been humbling,” Amanda Stonier said.

Andrew’s doctors say his outlook is good.

“His future’s looking very bright,” said Dr. Rianna Leazer. “His heart’s doing great and as long as he can get his strength back as he currently is, everything looks great for him.”

As for all the support he’s received, Andrew says, “Thank you, for everything.”