USS Bataan deploys from Norfolk following delay

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Following a short delay, sailors and Marines aboard the USS Bataan departed Wednesday from Naval Station Norfolk.

Photos: USS Bataan leaves for deployment

The Bataan is heading out to sea with the rest of the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group, which began deploying last weekend.

Crews aboard the Bataan were originally scheduled to leave Norfolk Tuesday, but Navy officials decided to delay the deployment by one day.

Sailors, Marines with Bataan ARG deploy from Norfolk

There are 4,000 sailors now deployed with the group.

Commanding Officer, Eric Pfister says the crew is ready for the deployment.

“This is like the dessert of where it all comes together. We span the range of military operations anything to direct action missions to humanitarian efforts,” said Pfister. “We have it the easiest in uniform, it’s the family members that are behind here that are pulling double and triple duty to make everything happen and come together.”

Savannah Stubbs is one of those women who is staying in Hampton Roads while her husband deploys.

“It is his first deployment,” said Stubbs. “It’s hard, very hard. I wrote him a bunch of letters already.”

The amphibious ready group is deploying to provide assistance in Europe and the Middle East.