Woman claims she saw vet roughed up by Hampton VA security officers

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — The Hampton Veterans Administration Medical Center is actively investigating claims of patient mistreatment after a veteran says she saw two security officers beat up another veteran and patient at the hospital Monday night.

Ronnda Morris, who served in the Marines and the Army and served in Iraq in 2004, had a dental issue that took her to the VA Monday. While she was there, she claims she witnessed an attack on a man who likely had mental issues.

Morris didn’t get video of the incident, but took to Facebook Live afterwards because she was outraged by what she saw.

“I am right here at the VA and you can see that I am here,” Morris says in the video. “I’m going worldwide to let you know what is going on — a voice for the voiceless. I am live right here in the VA hospital because I just saw a man get beat down… They beat him on his chest and they ran him into this door right here.”

She confronted the officers.

“I asked the officer, ‘What the hell is he doing?’ He said, ‘It’s use of force and it is authorized.’ I said, ‘No the hell it is not. I am prior law enforcement and that is not authorized.'”

WAVY’s Andy Fox asked whether the veteran was being unruly, provoking the attack or disturbing the peace. Morris said, “In my opinion, no.”

Morris was visibly upset and emotional as she described the scene in the video.

“Nothing I have done matters because I can come into a VA hospital and be treated like that,” she told WAVY’s Andy Fox. “You can’t even be safe in a VA hospital.”

Morris’ video has more than 32,000 views on Facebook so far.

Monday night, the chief of staff of the Hampton VA Medical Center called Morris and said they are investigating the incident. In a statement issued to 10 On Your Side Tuesday, Hampton VA officials say this causes concern:

The Hampton VA Medical Center is deeply concerned by this incident. Our highest priority is to provide and maintain a safe, secure and healing environment for all of our Veteran patients, their family members and our employees. We take seriously the allegations made in the video and have ordered a thorough review of what occurred. Any actions that do not align with our core values will not be tolerated.”

“That man is somebody’s son. He is a human being, and I would hope that if it were me, then somebody would do that for me,” Morris said.

10 On Your Side has emailed the Hampton VA looking for any video that may show the incident, and will keep you updated on this investigation.