Mother upset after charges dropped against son’s murder suspects

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The mother of a murder victim is speaking out, upset about a decision by the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office to drop murder charges against two men arrested in her son’s murder.

27-year-old Darrell Beck, Jr. was shot and killed five months ago on Hale Street.

WAVY reported Monday that the charges against the men were dropped, citing a lack of evidence.

Charges withdrawn against Norfolk homicide suspects

Patricia Beck told 10 On Your Side’s Brandi Cummings she feels let down and disappointed that — as for right now — there is no justice for her son.

“No words can explain the depth of it, the pain that I feel,” she said.

Beck and Cummings went to the memorial for Beck’s son. While there, Beck couldn’t help but think about the past.

“I think about how much he was suffering not being here with him, for him, holding his hand,” Beck said.

The shooting happened on September 25, 2016. However, it wasn’t until October 3, after WAVY started to inquire, that police announced there were arrests.

Two men, Daniel Carrington and Deonte Green were facing charges.

The news was relief for the grieving mother.

“Since it first started, I was told that they have everything they need to proceed with the case,” Beck said.

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However, Monday’s developments left her speechless.

“I was told that the witness, out of fear, did not want to take the stand, to testify. She feared for her life and her children’s life,” Beck said.

Beck wants the law changed to help cases like her son’s to move through the court system.

“Once that witness has done the proper paperwork concerning what they witnessed, they should be able to use that,” she said.

Beck hopes her son’s case, her story and this message leads to answers and closure.

“We need to speak up and do more to stop the criminal activity. If for no other reason but to teach our children how to stand up and speak up for justice, for a better community.”

Beck has contacted several lawmakers about her son’s case. According to her, the case is not closed. She was told investigators are looking for new evidence.