Change of plans for recycling of ex-USS Enterprise

The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise transits the Atlantic Ocean during its tailored ship's training availability in August of 2010. Credit: Stacy Laseter

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — After all the fanfare and the big goodbye – the ex-USS Enterprise will not be scrapped as soon as originally thought.

The U.S. Navy, as it turns out, still does not know the best way to recycle a nuclear aircraft carrier — or what to do with the parts until a plan is made.

According to a news release, the Navy canceled its request for proposals where companies could have bid on recycling the non-nuclear portions of the ship.

We told you last month at the ship’s decommissioning that it would be towed to the Puget sound. But now the Navy says that’s one of three options still on the table.

Photos: USS Enterprise Decommissioning

The ship will stay in Newport News Shipbuilding through August, after which it will be placed in temporary storage until a plan is set.

And of course, storing a dismantled nuclear aircraft carrier is also proving a challenge. The Navy is still working to identify a storage location.

The former USS Enterprise is the Navy’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to be decommissioned.