Gavin Grimm joins protest against the Trump administration in DC

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WAVY) — Gloucester High School senior Gavin Grimm went to Washington D.C. Wednesday as part of a protest against the Trump administration.

Grimm joined the ACLU of Virginia, the National Center for Transgender Equality and parents of other transgender youth at a rally outside the White House.

Grimm, who was born female but identifies as male, is fighting the Gloucester County School Board for the right to use the boy’s restroom. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the school board’s appeal in the case on March 28.

Grimm was backed by the Obama administration in his argument that the school board’s policy violates Title IX, a federal law that bars sex discrimination in schools.

However, President Donald Trump on Wednesday ended federal protections for transgender students that instructed schools to allow them to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identities.

The decision is a reversal of the Obama-era directive.

Legal experts say the change in position could impact pending court cases, including Grimm’s case.

In a phone interview with the Associated Press, Grimm said of the Trump action: “It’s not positive. It has the possibility of hurting transgender students and transgender people. We’re going to keep fighting like we have been and keep fighting for the right thing.”

The Gloucester County School Board also released the following statement:

The Gloucester County School Board is pleased that the federal government has withdrawn the opinion letter at issue in its case. This action shows ‘due regard for the primary role of the States and local school districts in establishing educational policy.’ We look forward to explaining to the Supreme Court why this development underscores that the Board’s commonsense restroom and locker room policy is legal under federal law.

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