Counting Kindness – Protecting the King

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Often, the stories we cover move us to action. That was the case for WAVY TV-10’s Don Roberts when he covered the plight of some of the young people serving time behind bars in Newport News.

During the interviews he conducted at the juvenile detention center last fall, Don learned that many of the teens pass the time playing Chess. He happens to be an avid Chess player and that caught his attention.

Since learning this, Don has shown up at the Newport News Juvenile Detention Center with his Chess board every Wednesday. He has had to recruit some of his friends to come along because so many want to take part. Now, he’s looking for volunteers to help mentor these young men.

Don finds that the game of Chess is a great metaphor for life. It is about choices, consequences and protecting the king.

If you might be interested in joining Don, send him an e-mail at or message him via Facebook.