Officers respond to Facebook message, provide homework help

(Courtesy: Marion Police Department)

MARION, Ohio (NEXSTAR MEDIA) — Police officers live by a common calling — to protect and serve. The best ones come through regardless of the situation. One officer from Marion, Ohio, lived up to the police credo — by helping a child with her homework.

Molly Draper shared screengrabs of a conversation her daughter had with an officer with the Marion Police Department via Facebook Messenger. The young girl revealed she needed help with her math homework and an officer stepped in to help.

Many praised the officer for their willingness to help, although some noted that some of their advice actually was incorrect.

The Marion Police Department noted on Facebook that their department aims “to be a full-service police department” and was grateful for the kudos. The officer who stepped up to help also was grateful and wanted to note their favorite subject in school was history -– not math.