Family dog surrendered at shelter with heartbreaking note

A family in Utah is determined to find their dog, ‘Rhino Lightning’ a good home. The pup’s family, who has three small children, surrendered him at the Humane Society because he is “unaware of his size” and gets too excited when he plays. They left Rhino with a spiral notebook including a child’s heartbreaking note addressed to the dog’s new family.

“He was my puppy,” the child wrote of the 3-year-old dog. “I really hope he is in a good environment. I really miss him.”

The note also includes a list of handwritten instructions, noting that Rhino doesn’t like cats, water or snow.

DeAnn Shepherd, marketing director for the shelter, told Fox 13, “It was very heartbreaking to see from his perspective, his relationship and friendship with this dog. But we hope that he sees the story and knows that his best friend is going to find a new home.”

“Please remember, surrendering a pet is never an easy decision,” the shelter wrote on Facebook Saturday. “But they are doing what is in the best interest of the pet.”

Rhino is up for adoption today. Click here to check out his adoption page.  To find dogs up for adoption in the Tampa Bay area, check out the local Humane Society’s website.