Former Virginia Beach police officer named in excessive force lawsuit

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A former Virginia Beach police officer was named in excessive force lawsuit filed in Virginia Beach.

In the suit, Robert Ames claimed former officer Chris Mackie used unnecessary force during an arrest made on August 28, 2014 outside the 7-Eleven on Diamonds Springs Road.

A judge awarded Ames $5,000 as part of this civil lawsuit, alleging former officer Mackie and two other officers engaged in “unnecessary, excessive and illegal assaultive and physically abusive conduct” when they confronted him outside the store. Ames alleges the officers made it difficult for him to breath, calling the acts intentionally abusive.

However, Mackie is the only officer still listed in the suit. One of the officers allegedly involved was dismissed and the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed the other officer.

The judge entered judgement against Mackie for the $5,000 — which the city could have to pay. The city attorney’s office denies the allegations of excessive force.

“The city believes the force used by all the officers at the time of the incident was reasonable, reasonable force, considering all of the circumstances that occurred on that date,” said Gregory Surber, Associate City Attorney.

Both sides filed appeals.

“It’s my understanding and belief that he believes the $5,000 wasn’t enough,” said Surber.

Ames was found guilty of several charges, including possession of a firearm by a felon from that arrest. He served two years. He wasn’t found guilty of resisting arrest and the assault on a law enforcement charge was nolle prossed.