New Norfolk sheriff will ask state to open comprehensive audit

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk’s newly-appointed Sheriff Joseph Baron tells 10 On Your Side he intends to ask the Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts to open a comprehensive “turnover audit” of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office, and all contracts it has signed off on.

Baron says he would have asked for the audit regardless of the recently opened federal investigation into the office he just took over. Baron was sworn in on Feb. 1, after former Sheriff Bob McCabe abruptly resigned following more than 20 years on the job.

Baron, who has a background in ethics training, says he was “surprised” by the subpoenas his office received, which seek information regarding McCabe and the jail’s contracts with Correct Care Solutions (CCS), a medical contractor that’s been operating in the jail since 2004.

Norfolk Sheriff’s Office, former sheriff subject of federal investigation

The subpoena specifically requests documents that would outline any of McCabe’s dealings with CCS in his role as sheriff and any relationship CCS had with his campaigns for mayor and sheriff. Records show the company donated to his campaigns for both mayor and sheriff.

10 On Your Side also found that more than one CCS executives personally donated to McCabe’s campaign.

The subpoena also asks for any records that show Correct Care Solutions may have donated sporting event tickets, airfare, or use of a condo to McCabe or as items auctioned off to fund his campaign.

Baron says if the State Auditor of Public Accounts declines his request for the audit, he will find an outside firm to conduct the review. He says this is to ensure all tax dollars are being spent appropriately.

Baron tells 10 On Your Side he intends to refrain from speaking or meeting with any executives from any of the companies the jail has contracts with until the audit is complete.