Henrico officials ‘will address’ reports of school bus drivers running traffic light

HENRICO, Va. (WRIC) – WAVY sister station WRIC 8News in Richmond has received reports of school bus drivers blowing through a busy Henrico intersection after the traffic signal turns red.

A viewer reached out to 8News, worried by what he saw while stopped the intersection of Azalea Avenue and Meadowbridge Road.

Asking to remain anonymous because of his job at a local university the man wrote:

Certousy of 8News
Courtesy of 8News

In an email addressed to the viewer and obtained by 8News, Henrico County Public Schools transportation director Josh Davis said:

I regret that you have encountered multiple Henrico County school buses driving inappropriately at the intersection of Azalea and Meadowbridge. We expect our school bus drivers to set an example for safe and defensive driving.  The supervisor of our drivers in that area will address the situation.”

But the issue may not rest exclusively on speedy school bus drivers.

“People that come through here are flying so bad just to catch the light,” convenience store clerk Jessica Beal said, who has a clear view of the intersection near Henrico High School and says the traffic signal does not give drivers enough time to safely get through.

“(The signals) change so fast, you never know what’s going to come and next thing you know—boom, you have an accident,” Beal said.

She told 8News she had seen ‘quite a few’ accidents at the intersection.

8News timed the length of the Azalea Avenue green light three times, coming up with a different length each time – 37, 41 and 50 seconds.

To better understand the signal’s timing, 8News reached out to the Virginia Department of Transportation which handles most of the county’s traffic signals.

We will update this story as soon as VDOT provides clarification on the matter.