School officials respond to concerned parent after incident at Cox High School

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A concerned parent contacted 10 On Your Side after learning a young man on her child’s bus didn’t belong there, and he even made into the halls of Cox High School.

Eileen Cox, a spokeswoman for the Virginia Beach City Public Schools, confirms the incident happened Feb. 2, before school.

Cox says the student graduated last year and wanted to come back to see his former teachers.

A bus driver recognized the student and didn’t realize he graduated, which is why Cox says the student did not seem out of place to the driver. She pointed out it’s not uncommon for high school students to periodically use the bus for transport.

“The school is aware that a former student came to the building on a school bus and did not properly check-in at the front desk,” said Cox. “Upon arrival, he spoke with a teacher who immediately escorted him to the office where he was made aware of proper procedures before he left campus to return home.”

The concerned parent who contacted worries a student with different intentions could have put student safety at risk.

The school system says there are numerous safety measures in place and the former student simply didn’t understand the rules for visitation.