City settles lawsuit with family of man who claimed he was hurt by police

Andre Wiggins (WAVY Photo)

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — The City of Hampton settled a lawsuit with the family of a man who claimed police hurt him during a confrontation.

The settlement amount was $130,000.

The family of Andre Wiggins filed a lawsuit in 2015, claiming that he was hurt in a confrontation with police.

Wiggins claims he was in a van that was pulled over by police. He said that he was asked to get out of the van, was handcuffed and then searched by officers.

Police reportedly tried to remove Wiggins’ boot, causing him to lose balance and hit the ground face-first. Wiggins says his jaw was broken as result of this fall.

Hampton police later released dashcam video of the alleged incident, which shows a man falling to the ground as an officer appeared to be taking off his boot.

Hampton police release video of alleged brutality

Police said while Wiggins accidentally fell while handcuffed. Wiggins’ family said they hold the city responsible for his injuries.

Officers had stopped the van in the overnight hours of May 14, 2015 after police say they had noticed the van being driven by a man who was known to have had a suspended license.

Officers also reportedly found marijuana in the seat where Wiggins was sitting — which led to police searching Wiggins.

Police said officers on scene called for paramedics and gave Wiggins first aid after the incident.