Special Warfare Unit under investigation for flying Trump flag

FORT KNOX, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach-based Special Warfare Unit is under investigation after cell phone video surfaced of a military vehicle flying a President Donald Trump campaign flag.

“They should not have done that, because the flag shown in the video was unauthorized,” said Lieutenant Jacqui Maxwell, Public Affairs Officer for Naval Special Warfare Group TWO.

The unit was in Kentucky training near Fort Knox. They were traveling in a convoy on a Kentucky highway and the vehicle in front had the flag.

“The flag shown on the vehicle was not approved and unauthorized and a command inquiry has been initiated,” Lt. Maxwell added. “The command inquiry will determine who was involved in the convoy.”

The convoy was made up of SEALs, along with combat service support staff assigned to the unit.

“Navy Special Warfare tries to maintain readiness, discipline and public confidence,” Maxwell said. “The unit leaders of Navy Special Warfare Unit are committed to thoroughly and non-partially investigate all frivolous allegations of misconduct.”

Navy officials say even though the flag was for the Commander in Chief, it was still against policy.

“It has to be an approved flag and pennant so since this flag was not approved it was unauthorized,” Maxwell added.