Residents frustrated over interference with electronic garage doors

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — There’s a pattern to the complaints 10 On Your Side received Thursday regarding malfunctioning electronic garage doors: The affected residents all live near Naval Station Norfolk and have Precision brand systems.

Tony Tyson and Nancy Erb, next door neighbors on Granby Street, say the problem started Wednesday and they’re still experiencing trouble.

“I’m pressing the remote [and] nothing,” said Tyson, who pressed the button on the remote about 20 times with no success. “It’s lighting red, which means it’s sending the signal, but nothing is happening.”

“It’s a bit inconvenient, because [I’m] a woman, it’s dark, it’s late, it’s nighttime, it’s raining,” said Erb, who views the malfunction as a safety issue.

She says she called Precision Overhead Garage Door Service on Wednesday. They came to her home, but she says the technician left without fixing the signal.

“As soon as he came out, he said this is happening all over Hampton Roads and even up as far as Langley,” said Erb.

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A spokeswoman for Naval Station Norfolk says the Enterprise Land Mobile Radio (ELMR) system could be a reason for the interference.

The Federal Communications Commission says, “Many radio-controlled garage door opener systems operate, on an unlicensed basis, on frequencies reserved for use by the Department of Defense or other federal government organizations.”

Tyson and Erb both have the same model, PDS800, installed by Precision.

Neighbors nearby with other systems have not reported any problems, leaving the Precision customers thinking their provider is the problem.

“If they are willing to handle it in the future that would be great,” said Erb.

The U.S. Navy says there’s nothing they can do on a local level to minimize the interference.

The owner of Precision responded to WAVY News Friday. See his response here.