ODU football players help moped driver injured in accident

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk police are thanking two good Samaritans after they helped a man injured in an accident.

According to police, a moped was traveling westbound on 27th Street around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday. Police say the driver ran a red light and struck a four-door sedan.

Two Old Dominion University football players were driving back to campus on Colley Avenue when they saw the aftermath of the crash. moped-accident-norfolk

“Marques was like, ‘Yo! I think that guy needs help!’ And we look over and there’s this man laying in the road with his scooter behind him,” said sophomore, Derek Wilder.

Wilder and the driver of the car, junior Marques Little, pulled over to help the man, who they say was unconscious in the street.

Little says he blocked traffic with his car to stop cars from hitting the driver while Wilder called 911.

“We didn’t know if he was alive. We didn’t know what happened. We just wanted to keep him with us until somebody got there to help. At the time, no one had stopped for him. We didn’t know how long he was there and cars were still going by,” Wilder said.

Police say the driver of the sedan was not injured.

Wilder and Little say they didn’t see the sedan driver until after they called 911, because the driver had pulled over further up the street.

Wilder ended up tweeting a picture of an officer helping the accident victim, because he wanted to show others that people hadn’t stopped to help.

“I was just trying to show other people where situation goes on that no one offers to help and we just happened to be there and help this man,” he said.

The man was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

The two teammates say they’re hoping the victim recovers. The reason they stopped to help? Because of the lessons their coach taught them about helping others.

“It didn’t matter if I had somewhere to go or not, or if I was late, but saving this man’s life was more important than anything I had going on. I was glad I was right there at that time and able to help him,” Wilder said.

The Norfolk Police Department says it’s good to hear that good Samaritans are still out there and the acts of kindness show humanity at it’s best.