Trump piñata at El Pueblo History Museum causes controversy

Image courtesy of KXRM Fox21

PUEBLO, Colo. (KXRM) — A photo of a Donald Trump piñata hanging at the El Pueblo History Museum is making rounds online and stirring up a lot of controversy.

The popular party game usually depicts characters from movies or Mexican culture, but many folks are saying a piñata in the form of the President of the United States is taking it too far.

Pueblo citizen Jennifer Trevizo said, “It’s just a piñata. Piñatas come from Hispanic culture and stuff like that so I mean whatever like it’s just cultural I guess.”

Others beg to differ. A viewer posted a photo of the Trump piñata to the Facebook page of WAVY sister station KXRM FOX21, and it has since generated dozens of comments.

Tamra Axworthy said, “How is this allowed to happen in a state/tax payer funded politically neutral organization?”

Ulrico Vazquez commented, “If they are going to support this type of woman’s Trumps haters with our taxes. They have something coming. City council you take action. No money.”

A spokesperson with History Colorado, the parent company for the El Pueblo History Museum said the piñata belonged to the group Chicanos Against Trump who rented space in the museum for a fiesta held on the day of President Trump’s inauguration.

They released this statement:

On Friday, January 20, a private group rented a room at History Colorado’s El Pueblo History Museum for an event that offended many residents in the community and is a cause for concern statewide. We share this concern, and want to provide you with the facts.

The offensive event was not a museum-partnered event, but one planned by a third party who rented space at the museum for their Pueblo Popular Vote Fiesta. The activities as part of the fiesta were not what we had anticipated nor were they an appropriate use of a state facility.

As a state institution we take our commitment to serving the residents of Colorado very seriously, and we have rules in place that prohibit inappropriate events at our facilities statewide. However, this incident has made it clear that we need to revisit these rules, and we are currently working with the State Attorney General’s office to do so. We respect the right of people to express their opinions, but we do not and will not condone the use of our facilities for events such as the one that occurred at El Pueblo History Museum this past week, and we will take every step to ensure that our community museums follow our rules and procedures.

We sincerely regret this incident. We know it is our privilege and duty to serve the community of Pueblo and the State of Colorado, and we will continue to work with all residents to do so.

The piñata has caused such uproar that a Facebook page was created calling for the museum director to be fired; but others say it’s being taken way too seriously.

“I think there’s much bigger issues that we need to worry about than a piñata,” said Brad Doss of Pueblo. “I don’t think that it was offensive in any way really. I mean they make piñatas out of cartoon characters so if you can hit a Scooby Doo piñata, I don’t know what the difference is.”

The Pueblo Democratic Party also donated $200 to the Chicanos Against Trump fiesta. A representative from the Pueblo Democratic Party told FOX21 it was a mistake, it wasn’t right, it shouldn’t have happened and they’re embarrassed by it.