Va. Beach mother and children were at NC ‘eco village,’ ex-husband says

Facebook photo provided by family members.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach mother and her two children who were reported missing Sunday were found safe Wednesday, according to police.

Family members reported Monica Lamping, 29, and her two children, 7-year-old Kai, and 9-month-old Oria, as missing Sunday evening — several hours after a fire destroyed her home on Sullivan Boulevard.

Monica’s ex-husband, Kevin Lamping, says he picked up his son, Kai, at Earthaven Eco Village in North Carolina.

Lamping’s family released a statement Thursday thanking the community for the support over the four-day search. They’re now asking for privacy.

Here is a timeline of events surrounding the disappearance of Lamping and her children before they were found safe:


  • Afternoon: Friend Anne Shell says she watched Lamping’s children while Lamping went on a lunch date.
  • Night: Lamping, who reportedly works as a baby sitter, was supposed to work that night, but canceled.


  • 12 a.m.: The last time that Monica Lamping was heard from (via text message), according to police.
  • 2 a.m.: Lamping’s 2002 dark green Jeep Cherokee is spotted on camera going through the Downtown Tunnel. Police confirmed this sighting on Tuesday.
  • 3:30 a.m.: Virginia Beach fire crews are called to the scene of a fire at Lamping’s house on Sullivan Boulevard.
  • 4 a.m.: The fire is marked under control. Lamping’s Jeep was not seen at the home.
  • Family reports Lamping and her children missing after they are unable to find her or reach her by phone. They begin spreading pictures and information about them on social media.


  • Virginia Beach Fire officials report that a space heater could be linked to the cause of the house fire.
  • Police say Lamping is considered to be endangered and missing due to suspicious circumstances.


  • Investigators return to the scene of the house on Sullivan Boulevard.
  • A private search and rescue team is also seen at the house.
  • Police announce they are looking for information on a person named “Chad.”


  • Virginia Beach police report that Monica and her two children were found safe.