Many gather for Jallikattu protest outside PETA headquarters

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A group of people has gathered outside the PETA Headquarters on Front street in Norfolk for a protest dedicated to Jallikattu.

The Jallikattu protest was organized in response to the organizations ban on ancient Indian Bull-taming festival. The ban was upheld in court in January.

“What PETA has done is that there is a prevention of cruelity act in India, which was backdoor amended, through the lobbying that PETA did,” says Karthik Rangarajan, a protest organizer.

Jallikattu has been practiced for thousands of years but in 2014 the sport was outlawed by the Indian Supreme Court following objections from animal rights activist including PETA who said it was cruel.

“Our message is clear, cut straight here, just get out of India. We know how to take care of the bulls. And just stop your dirty lobbying with multi-national companies,” says Karthik Natesan, another protest organizer.

PETA released the following statement about today’s protest.

The Supreme Court of India banned Jallikattu in 2013 because of the cruelty inherent in hordes of young men liquoring up bulls, breaking joints in their tails, rubbing chili peppers into their eyes, beating them with nail-studded sticks, and jumping on the terrified animals. These dangerous events hurt and kill animals and humans alike, with two humans killed just this morning during jallikattu. While PETA India has supported families whose children have been killed during Jallikattu, which is bull wrestling and fighting, these protesters are anxious to overturn the court ruling and preserve a culture as heinous as fox hunting was in the UK and bullfighting is in Spain, one now outlawed the other being banned, city by city.”

Norfolk dispatch says that officers monitored the protest and stayed until it concluded.