David Wright holds another successful Vegas Night for CHKD

VIRGINIA BEACH (WAVY) — He’s one of the most famous athletes to come out of Hampton Roads, and he’s also one of the most generous. New York Mets third baseman David Wright from Chesapeake held his annual Vegas Night at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, a fund raiser to help benefit the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters. |

This event just seems to get bigger and better every single year and while everyone is there to have a good time, the mission of to raise money for CHKD and this year Wright’s foundation has reached the million dollar mark for a hospital that tries to save children’s lives.

“Just the turnout, another sellout, the sponsorships are going through the roof,” Wright said. The turnout is incredible the 757 and the Tidewater area really know how to come out and support a great cause and CHKD is the best cause.”

Wright is 34-years-old, but he’s been hobbled by injuries. He missed most of last season after surgery for a herniated disk in his neck. Wright is one of the hardest workers in baseball and he says he plans on being with the Mets when spring training begins next month.

“That’s the goal of course,” Wright said. “I think everything has gone according to schedule to this point. It’s been slow, it’s been a little monotonous. When you’re talking about a major neck surgery a lot of it is just being idle and letting the surgery can take place and heal and I think that’s where I’ve been. Finally starting to get back in the swing of things slowly so it’s going to be a nice balancing act come spring training trying to get my at-bats, getting my timing back but also to make sure I take care of my neck and my back.”