Virginia Beach residents reach out to 10 On Your Side about mail mess

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Several residents of a Virginia Beach neighborhood say days go by with no mail at all and packages show up days late.

“It’s kind of become the neighborhood joke like, ‘Did you get mail today?”’

Kidding aside, Shannon Dodd says mail deliveries are a surprising treat lately, instead of routine.

“Recently, the last couple weeks, there are days we haven’t gotten it at all,” she said. “I’m actually kind of concerned, because I’m waiting on some checks that I know are in the mail and have been in the mail since the 10th and I’ve yet to get them.”

Another woman says important school notices were sent home in the mail, but never made it to her house. And it’s not just letters. Many pay for two day Amazon Prime shipping via the United State Postal Service and say they’re not getting what they pay for.

“It tells us it’s been delivered and that’s it. So we go out and look and there’s nothing,” said Shay Weaver.

Weaver has actually gone to the local post office to inquire about her package.

“I did go to the post office to pick up a couple of packages that were just MIA, and they were a bit surprised that they were actually at the post office,” she said.

While a WAVY crew was in Sherwood Lakes Thursday, a man walking a dog who lives four miles away said he’s also experiencing mail problems.

“Yes, I am concerned, absolutely concerned,” said Vincent Estes. “During the Christmas holidays and New Year’s, you always get magazines and junk mail. You get something. We weren’t getting anything.” reached out to USPS Corporate Communications, who sent us this statement:

Every customer experience is important to the Postal Service, and this situation is not indicative of the customer service we strive to provide. Local management is actively investigating these issues.

The Postal Service takes customers feedback seriously and encourages anyone who wishes to contact us about mail delivery issues to call the USPS helpline at 800-275-8777 or leave a response on”