Women mobilize for marches in D.C., Norfolk

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Women around the country plan on taking a stand on President-elect Donald Trump’s first official day in office. The goal of the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday is to advocate for women’s rights.

The march’s website says the group wants people to know that women’s rights are human rights. The group says if people believe in equal rights for all humans, they should also believe in equal rights for women.

“People have said, ‘are you going because you’re against Trump?’ And the answer is no, that’s not my reason. My reason is that I’m for something. I’m for speaking out, I’m for being with others who feel passionately about women’s rights,” said Norfolk City Councilwoman Andria McClellan, who is going to D.C. on Friday.

The national march is a grassroots effort that started in response to some of the language used during this year’s election. Women involved say the march is about unity.

“We’re here, we’re not going anywhere,” said Shanise Williams, who is organizing the Girls Take Granby, which is one of two sister marches happening on Saturday in Norfolk.

“We’re leading with love. We’re leading with peace, we’re leading with acceptance. We may not agree, we may not understand. But we’re accepting, we’re trying to understand, we’re learning,” Williams said.

The marches in Norfolk are two of more than one million sister marches around the world, according to the march’s website. The two marches have different starting points, but the groups plan to join together on Saturday afternoon.

“We’re not going to be violent about it, we’re not going to get irate about it, we’re going to mobilize,” said Williams.

But many different women from Hampton Roads are traveling to DC. “They’re not all the political activists. They’re people, they’re moms and daughters and grandmothers that I never would’ve suspected would be taking the energy to go up with hundreds of thousands of people to D.C.,” said McClellan.

Many people say they are excited to be a part of something big.

“I think it’s just a really good way to come together in a peaceful way and kind of show that w’ere not going to sit back,” said high school senior Madeleline Gange, who is traveling to D.C. with her mom.