Special prosecutor: No charges warranted against NN Vice Mayor Tina Vick

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A special prosecutor has concluded that criminal charges are not warranted in two allegations against Newport News Vice Mayor Tina Vick.

The allegations stem from a conflict of interest and a campaign finance reporting matter.

“It’s been frustrating mainly, because the way the process has gone that someone can just go to the commonwealth attorney’s office and file something on you,” Vick said.

Vick has been on Newport News City Council since 2008, and was named vice mayor last June. She heard in August 2016 that the commonwealth’s attorney was investigating her conduct as a city council member, but she says she had no idea why.

“I can tell you I wasn’t worried, because I know that I hadn’t done anything of type of conflict of interest or anything with my campaign that was illegal,” Vick added.

The allegations were brought to the commonwealth’s attorney by local civil rights activist Andrew Shannon. He said he had evidence Vick used her position on council for her gain and didn’t report some campaign contributions. After five months, Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney Greg Underwood concluded no criminal charges would be pursued.

In a Jan. 6 letter to a Newport News Circuit Court Judge, Underwood said no prosecution was warranted in either case. He had been appointed to look into the allegations.

Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Letter

“It was really relieving to have it in writing and to just know what I was being accused of and that those acquisitions are exonerated,” Vick said.

Vick and Shannon have long, mostly troubled history over the past couple years.

“At the end of the day you’ve [Shannon] done all of this, but I haven’t done anything and look, we have proof now,” Vick said.

“There was no ax to grind, because we will continue to do what we do which is service and fight for freedom, justice and equality,” Shannon said.

Shannon says he is disappointed with the ruling by the commonwealth’s attorney and doesn’t plan to let this go away.

“We are seeking a federal investigation,” Shannon added. “We have a network that will pursue a full and thorough investigation.”

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