Lifestyle Expert With Tips For a Beautiful 2017

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – The Hampton Roads Show lifestyle expert Stephanie Walters stopped by with some tips on how to give yourself a beautiful 2017.

N – NECESSARY (Start your year with a list of things that are necessary for you to have a successful year. If the entire year outlook is too intimidating, do it by the quarter and reevaluate every 3 months)

E – EXECUTE (Make it happen! Do your easy things first. Put small tasks within the big tasks to execute faster. i.e. Meal prepping, closet cleaning, etc.)

W – WILLPOWER (Push through! It’s so easy to give up if you’re not seeing results, things aren’t moving as fast, or you’re just too tired or unmotivated. Have the willpower to move forward through the obstacles.)

Y – YOUTHFUL (Make time to do & create things that make you feel young and ALIVE! i.e. Making your own body scrubs & giving yourself a pamper day, schedule activities with friends that are beneficial to everyone)

O – OBSERVE (Look around at things in your life. Assess how you feel. Are there people you need to let go? Habits you need to change? Observe what and who is making you feel happy/sad/drained)

U – UPLIFT (You get what you give. Putting out positive vibes in the universe towards others helps uplift people’s spirits. Even when you’re feeling down, a good pick me up goes a long way on both sides.)

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