Fort Carson sees significant wind damage

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Windy weather wreaked havoc in Southern Colorado Monday.

“The gust down here in Fort Carson were over 120 mph, they said it was almost category three hurricane force winds,” said Tim Peters.

It was one of the hardest hit areas with hundreds of vehicles with shattered windows and more than 300 facilities that have some extent of wind damage.

That number is expected to grow as they continue to assess the damage on post over the next 30 days.

Those winds took out roof material, which pushed Peters’ wife’s Trailblazer nearly 75 feet across the parking lot, leaving it with broken windows and a flat tire.

“She was parked right over here, in front of the door, and I guess when the roof came off, it caught the truck and it pushed it over to here,” Peters said.

“We lost stop signs, metal stop signs off metal posts at some of our intersections. And they came off and were moving around the post here,” said Hal Alguire, director of public works at Fort Carson.

Fort Carson also saw several gas leaks, more than 70 light poles knocked over and a power outage.

“It was explained to me that we lost power at the point in time that the Alabama – Clemson football game was at the two-point mark, and we lost power to everything at Fort Carson,” Alguire said.

Now, the big concern with these exposed roofs is moisture

“Our base-ops contractor on post that does our day-to-day maintenance is doing a lot of mitigation on our roofs to just patch some things or make it to the point where hopefully we’ll avoid getting a lot of water in our roofs,” Alguire said.

Fort Carson officials say because all federal entities are self-insured, taxpayer dollars will pay for the repairs.

“Our higher headquarters look for us to be able to self-fund with money we get from headquarters up to about five-percent of our total annual SRM maintenance budget. Above that, then we can go back and ask for additional dollars. And with the event here, we’ll exceed that 5 percent amount, and we’ll be going back and asking for additional dollars from headquarters,” Alguire said.

Fort Carson did go into a “shelter in place” for a few hours Monday and only reported minor injuries.

Officials say it will wake the rest of the year to repair some of the extensive damage on post .

There is no estimate on the cost of the damages, but officials say it will be significant.