Daniel Dixon is the “King of Clutch” for William and Mary

WILLIAMSBURG (WAVY) – Inbounding from the sideline just in front of his own bench, David Cohn had a number of options to choose from, but not a lot of time to work with.

William and Mary trailed the home team Hofstra 92-93 with just 1.2 ticks left. Just enough time for a catch-and-shoot.

Cohn scanned over the play, passed up his first two options, then found Daniel Dixon. The senior caught caught the inbound pass about 28 feet from the basket, hesitated for a split-second, flicked his wrist, and let it fly.

As the final buzzer sounded….bottom. The William and Mary bench erupted, celebrating a 95-93 overtime win, while Dixon displayed the “six-gun, sharp-shooter” celebration that’s become popular with a handful of NBA players. Cohn could only describe what he saw as “Hero shot.

“Unbelievable confidence and unbelievable concentration to be able to hit a shot like that, and it’s not the first time he’s done that,” said Cohn.

“I really didn’t even remember the play almost,” said Dixon on Wednesday. “It’s a weird feeling of you really don’t even remember it until 20 minutes after the game or maybe after you watch the clip and you’re like, ‘Wow. That happened.'”

And it’s happened a number of times before.

Recent history has shown Dixon wants the ball in his hand, even in the most critical of situations with the seconds slipping away. As a sophomore, Dixon broke Hofstra’s heart in the 2015 CAA Tournament, draining a game-winning dagger from the corner with only .05 seconds left on the clock that gave William and Mary a 92-91 win and a ticket to to the CAA title game.

At the start of his junior year, Dixon hit a cold-blooded three-point bucket from the left wing with just 3.4 seconds left to lift William and Mary past High Point 78-75.

This year, he’s already been named the CAA Player of the Week, thanks to a career-high 36 points in a win at Old Dominion. “Now he’s playing at an All-American-type level,” said Cohn.

Head coach Tony Shaver feels Dixon is ready to shoulder the load that comes with being a senior starter. “As seniors you should be able to carry that load a little bit,” said Shaver.

Dixon is ready to run with that responsibility. “I’m just playing with a new level of intensity I think,” he said. “Talking to my coaches, they really need a lot more out of me. I try to focus on myself, and really get back in the gym and work on my game every single day.”

It’s paid off. And Dixon has proven, when his team needs it most, he’ll deliver.