Neighbors in Chesapeake furious over slashed tires

(Photo courtesy of Joe Fisher/WAVY)

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Neighbors in Greenbrier woke up Friday morning to find their tires slashed for the second day in a row.

Alex Truman says vandals punctured two of his tires on Thursday and returned Friday to puncture the two others on the same vehicle, as well as two more tires on a second vehicle.

“You do something like this, they always say it’s going to come back 10 times worse for you coming down the road, so good luck,” says Truman.

He says at least two other neighbors on Pucknall Drive, including Tina DeMaria, are dealing with the same issue.

All of the known incidents happened within a few feet of one another, according to neighbors in the Brighton Park at Greenbrier development.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Fisher/WAVY)
(Photo courtesy of Joe Fisher/WAVY)

“I came out and saw that three tires on my truck were slashed,” says DeMaria, who found her pickup truck lopsided Friday.

Both victims tell 10 On Your Side they filed reports with the Chesapeake Police Department.

“I can’t believe it, because this is a very safe neighborhood. I’ve been here seven years,” says DeMaria. “I really don’t know what they could possibly get out of something like this. It’s ridiculous.”

Truman and DeMaria estimate their repairs at more than $1,000 apiece. They both say insurance will cover most of the cost.

“It’s the holidays. We are out shopping for family and friends and now we have to tack on some more money to pay for these tires,” says Truman.

Truman says he plans to invest in a surveillance camera in hopes of catching the person or group of people responsible.

A spokesman for Chesapeake police could not give 10 On Your Side a status update on the case due to the Christmas holiday. It’s unknown if police have any leads or suspect information.

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