Family hosts blood drive in honor of toddler who died in pool accident

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A little boy’s legacy lives on through a community in Great Bridge vowing to make change in his name.

Cooper Marable died in a pool accident in August. This holiday season, his family is giving the gift of blood — because Cooper was given a blood transfusion to try and save his life.

“Cooper was a bright blonde hair, blue eyed boy. He did not know the word ‘no’ unless he was giving it to you,” said his mother Nancy Marable.

He loved his monster trucks and his mom says Grave Digger was his favorite.

(Photo courtesy Marable family)
(Photo courtesy Marable family)

“He was just such a loving energetic little boy,” said Marable.

Cooper passed away too soon and his family is coping by coming together in his name.

“A lot of families tend to let it drift them apart, but we have bonded together and come closer,” said Marable.

Dozens of people gathered at Great Bridge Baptist Church Wednesday for the Red Cross blood drive, which was made possible by donations from local businesses. One donation saves up to three lives.

“We had no idea to expect that it was going to be such a huge success,” said Diane Kyrus with the Red Cross.

Kyrus says this blood drive comes at a pivotal time because often times, blood supplies drop during the holiday season with traveling and festivities.

“So when we have drives like this, it is such a boom to the blood drives locally,” said Kyrus. “It’s something positive out of such a tragedy.”

A tragic situation led to this, but the Marable family is making an impact on others — and will save others in his name.

“We knew we didn’t want the death of our child to break us and we wanted to do something positive,” said Marable. “He was put here for a reason and he did his purpose and now his purpose is living on.”

The Red Cross expected to see about 65 people, but they surpassed that number in the first few hours. The family has already planned another blood drive for next year on December 15 on Cooper’s birthday.