Couple says package was stolen from porch while husband was at home

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A couple wants other neighbors to be on the lookout for thieves after they say someone stole a Christmas gift from their porch.

They say it happened Tuesday afternoon on Sharon Drive in the Acredale neighborhood.

10 On Your Side has often done stories about people stealing things off porches. Police say this is the time of year that thefts increase.

The couple says they had two surveillance cameras on their home just in case something ever happened. However, they never thought it would — especially during the day, while Mark was at home.

“It can happen anywhere and anytime I guess,” Mark said.

His wife, Pam, is angry.

“I don’t feel scared or threatened in that type of way, I just feel stunned.”

Mark and Pam didn’t want us to use their last names to protect their identity.

“I was very surprised at the nerve of somebody to actually grab it when they know that you’re around the house and you have a camera,” Mark said.

While their surveillance cameras don’t show who took the box, they believe a blue van seen passing their home several times may have something to do with it. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, or maybe not.

“I believe they got out of the vehicle, ran this route up to the front door, took the package and ran back,” Pam said.

She continued by showing 10 On Your Side’s Brandi Cummings surveillance video.

“It was a minute from the time that they left this corner to get right here, until the time was saw the top of their car. It doesn’t take a minute to get from this to right there, where those boxes are.”

What makes this even stranger is what was left behind.

“They did leave me a church flyer, so I think that’s part of their disguise,” Mark said. Jokingly he continued, “My gift went to God I guess.”

They’re keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing, but have a message for the neighbors.

“Be on the lookout, keep your eyes and ears open and share,” Pam said.

The couple have filed a police report and they’re working with Amazon to either get their money back or replace the gift.