Garfield sends message on how to use the internet safely

Videos are available to view now

Cyber security experts are getting help from one of today’s most popular and loveable cartoon characters, to get the message to kids on how to safely use the internet on all those electronic devices they are about to get for Christmas.

Garfield’s creator says he is flattered and honored. “If Garfield can help in any way, any small way, any big way, we’re all for it,” said Jim Davis.

The Center for Cyber Safety is all for it too, especially with Christmas coming this weekend and with it access to the internet, where proven dangers lurk.

“The kids are giving out their phone numbers to strangers; they’re contacting strangers online. It’s shocking and it’s a very dangerous situation,” said Patrick Craven, with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education.

Garfield creator Jim Davis partnered with the Cyber Safety Center to write scripts for the videos and comic books, with Garfield and cast using “safe internet” story lines.

“To put it into a big orange cat makes it easier to understand and, in a way, entertaining as well, in order to keep the kids engaged as they’re learning this,” said Davis.

The Garfield videos are available now on the Cyber Safety Center’s website. Click here to watch them.

The next comic book episode comes out in February.