Bruce Rader’s first on-location report from the Bahamas Bowl

NASSAU, BAHAMAS (WAVY) — It’s only been a few hours but already the Old Dominion University football team is basking in the glory of the Bahamas bowl.

“It started when we were getting ready to land,” said coach Bobby Wilder. “Everybody’s phone was out the window. They
were all taking pictures of the water, the island coming in, and it’s just been a remarkable day so far.”

Defensive coordinator Rich Nagy says while earning a bowl bid is nice, it won’t be complete until the final gun sounds.

“You always want to win,” Nagy said. “I tell the players, they’re going to keep score for a reason. We want to work hard, be 1-0 this week, yes have a good time while we’re here, but understand while we’re here the importance of winning a game.”

Wilder plans to wake his troops up at 7:30 a.m., grab breakfast and then get a practice session in. Wilder also said practice will end around 12 p.m. so the players can enjoy the resort.

“It’s going to be a great week,” Wilder said. “I wish all you were all with us, because this place is fantastic.”

Stay with for much more coverage leading up to the Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl on Friday.