Tips for a safe and healthy trip if you’re not staying home for the holidays

GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Are you heading home for the holidays?

If you need it, a must do on your list of things to take, meds for getting car sick about an hour before you hit the road.

“They work on helping the receptors on the brain that are sensitive to motion to not feel that motion as much and help to calm the stomach and help to calm the dizziness in some of the other symptoms of motion sickness,” says CVS Minute Clinic nurse practitioner Christina Kozlowski.

She adds that over the counter and prescription drugs are available to most.

For children under the age of two, sitting in the car with the least amount of motion helps that queasy feeling.

“If they are too young to sit in the front seat, try to situate them in the middle and looking between the seats where they can have a view of the road.”

Other items to pack for easy access; favorite pain relievers, cough & cold remedies, antidiarrheal drugs, bandaids, and anti-bacterial creams.

Something else to consider.

“What are the local urgent cares and emergency rooms available to you. You want to find the most reputable ones that you can before you travel.”

If you are traveling overseas be sure to get all the shots you need.

“We’ll access the patients medical history where they are going, how they are getting there. We compare the information to the Centers Disease Control website which gives us the information on what vaccines they particularly need.”

Even the most experienced road travelers can be blindsided.

People like Laura Fucci.

“We were in Disney World of all places to get a migraine,” says Laura, “I had to call the physician up here in Connecticut and have him order it down there and have my husband go to the drugstore, pick it up and come back.”

Easily minimized, if you had a list.

Be sure to check it twice.

Don’t forget your insurance card.

Also, if you are going abroad, you may want to consider buying travel health insurance.