Local school board asks one of its own members to resign

Sandra Young. Credit: Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools website

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) — Some members of the Williamsburg-James City County School Board are calling for the resignation of another member in light of recent child pornography charges against her husband.

School board member Sandra Young is married to Charles K. Young, who was indicted in November on 10 counts of child pornography charges. According to the indictment, the charges allege the 69-year-old received child porn of male minors. He was arrested after one of the couple’s children turned him in, the indictment says.

Now, five members of the school board are asking Sandra Young to resign. School board Chairman Jim Kelly is leading the call for her to resign.

Federal court documents say Young’s family was aware of his involvement with child pornography for quite some time. That’s what prompted Kelly’s request for Young to step down.

“It’s concerning to the five of us who asked her to resign that she brought him to areas and schools where children were present.”

Sandra Young went before the Williamsburg-James City School Board Tuesday night with a message: She did nothing wrong and she will not step down from her role.

“First of all, I’ve done nothing wrong. I have not been charged. I’ve cooperated fully with the FBI, United States Attorney and the grand jury. I am not complicit nor do I condone my husband’s actions. As a mother and a retired teacher, I’m appalled as you by his deplorable and illegal behavior.”

A petition on Change.org also calls for Young to resign from her position, citing the recent arrest and child pornography charges filed against her husband. Petitioners are claiming Sandra Young “used poor judgement by taking her husband to school events — even after an unsuccessful family intervention.”

Kelly said he hopes to get this issue behind them as soon as possible.

Sandra was elected to the board’s Berkeley seat just over one year ago.

WAVY News 10’s Laura Caso spoke with Sandra Young on the phone. She said she has no comment.