Local electoral delegate urges all to ‘vote their conscience’

NORFOLK, Va (WAVY) — A Norfolk woman who will cast a vote in the state’s Electoral College next week is urging all electors to “vote their conscience.”

10 On Your Side’s Stephanie Harris sat down with Vivian Paige to talk about her role in history and motions afoot to keep President-elect Donald Trump out of the White House.

“My name will be in the Library of Congress,” Paige said with a smile.

She is one of 13 delegates from Virginia who will cast a vote in the Electoral College.

“It’s one of 538 people nationwide who actually get to cast the ballot for president and I think that is pretty significant,” she said.

Despite the fact the democrat’s candidate lost the election, Paige is proud to be part of the process. It’s a process she wishes more people participated in and understood.

“[I’ve] been getting emails from people asking me to vote for the popular vote,  that demonstrates that folks are really sending emails without understanding Virginia, Hillary Clinton did win Virginia.”

Virginia is a winner-takes-all state, which means all of the Commonwealth’s electoral votes will go to Clinton.

However, there are motions afoot to try to stop electors from voting for Trump in other states.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair is calling for all members of the Electoral College to receive an intelligence briefing before their vote next week. This, after 10 Clinton electors requested a briefing and all investigative findings on Russia’s involvement in this year’s election.

Paige told WAVY.com, “The problem is that a lot of these moves that are being made, there’s just not enough time to do anything about it.”

She said any efforts to change the Electoral College should come before the next election. For this one, it’s just too late.

“I’ve come to terms with the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election and that’s part of the way our process works.”

The Electoral College of Virginia will meet Monday at in the Senate chambers at the Capitol. Paige and the other 12 will cast their votes, then sign paperwork.