Beach’s wish list of stormwater improvements tops $400 million

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach city staff presented a long list of unfunded, but urgent stormwater improvements to city council Tuesday.

The improvements in total would cost over $400 million.

Neighborhoods hit hard by Hurricane Matthew topped the list of priorities.

More than $65 million in upgrades is proposed for the eastern part of Shore Drive. City officials say nearly $100 million is needed for tide gates and pump stations in Windsor Woods and Princess Anne Plaza. Officials also want to set aside $113 million for the Central Resort District, $35 million for Ashville Park and $20 million for Sherwood Lakes.

Mayor Will Sessoms pointed out logistics and funding are still undetermined.

However, some of the money saved up for light rail could be used for stormwater projects since voters rejected the The Tide extending into the Resort City in November.

The city wants to use $7 million from the roughly $27 million set aside for light rail.

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Councilman Rosemary Wilson says the city council will hear more detailed plans in January. She tells it’s nice to know where the city’s priorities need to be, but she expects each project to be vetted to see where they can fit appropriately into the budgets starting with Fiscal Year 2018.